These stories are tributes, a celebration of our history. As you read you may meet familiar places, names, and characters - but please remember, these stories are not intended to be taken as historic fact. 

There are other interpretations and versions of these stories. Our versions grew from the information we were given during our research, and from our consultations with mana whenua. It is important to note that these stories had missing parts - details that have been lost to history - and it is in these parts that we were able to express our creative freedom. 

We have endeavoured to depict the events in these stories as accurately as possible, at every stage of the creative process. To achieve this, during our research and consultation we:

• Prioritised accounts of the story that were from credible persons

• Consulted with mana whenua of the area 

• Obtained a letter of support from kaumatua of the area 

The artwork in these stories is our visual interpretation, inspired by our research and by our consultations with mana whenua. 

We hope you enjoy these stories and the way we have chosen to present them. If you have any concerns around the presentation of their events and characters, you can contact us at [email protected]