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Āhuru Mōwai - Sanctuary™  is the first digital platform to provide online-reading material for Māori Graphic Novels. We created Sanctuary to visualise the tales gifted to us by kaumātua and mana whenua, and to share their wisdom in ways that would be compelling for others. Nau mai haere ki te ao Āhuru Mōwai.

Our Why

Āhuru Mōwai - Sanctuary™ is a platform developed by Māui Studios. The stories we share here give viewers a glimpse into the beauty and richness of te ao Māori. This is done through the keystones of whakapapa and te reo and offer unique perspectives into Māori culture. We provide this as an avenue for people to have their own connection with te ao Māori, and to inspire kōrero about pūrākau with those around them. It is important for us to play our role in telling the pūrākau of our kaumātua
an image of Māui tikitiki a taranga powering up with spiraling flaming energy surrounding him.